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Valerie Tornambe

~Dated Phil for some time in the mid-80s~

Birthname: Valerie C. Mazzonelli

Birthdate: 1962?

Marital Status: Married to Robert Tornambe (NYC Plastic Surgeon and author)

Children: Two sons

Currently resides: New York, NY

How She Met Phil:

The story is well documented in Lorelei's book. Val met Phil in France the night Lorelei met Steve.

What we know about her:

Valerie was a model in the 80s; this is how she met Lorelei. If you have read Lorelei's book, you know as much about her relationship with Phil as we do. It fizzled out, and Phil refocused on Liz.

Valerie is now married to a very successful plastic surgeon. She is involved with canine-assisted therapy. Her husband wrote a bit about her experience:

Huffington Post - January 1, 2011

I can speak firsthand about the benefits of volunteering, as I have watched and witnessed the trials and tribulations experienced by my wife Valerie and our 120-pound Bullmastiff Lily. Their nickname is "Beauty and the Beast," but Valerie vigorously objects, arguing that Lily is the "Beauty." Over the last several years they have visited public schools where children with reading disabilities read to the dogs and gain confidence in reading out loud because they understand that the dog will never judge them. They have visited troubled teenagers in juvenile jail, anxious and stressed college and medical school students around exam times, lonely elderly people in nursing homes and cancer patients at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital. Every visit is eventful and memorable for all parties involved. I have watched my no-nonsense, born-and-raised-in-New-York-City wife well up with tears while describing the obvious relief and escape experienced by the cancer patient as she curls up with Lily because she misses her dog so. For a short time she is at peace and forgets her pain. Yes, our beast of a dog gets in bed with some patients (when invited!) and usually naps with them! The hospital visits benefit both patients and staff members alike, as caring for people who are sick and dying can obviously be very stressful.

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