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Stepaside Articles

In a piece in the Daily Telegraph on June 10, 1999, journalist Neil McCormick is walked through Joe Elliott's 7,000 sq ft mansion, set high in the Dublin hills. Two of the walls are made of glass, we learn, from which Elliott can look down over his paddock -- "where his girlfriend, Bobbie, keeps two horses".


Sunday Mirror, Aug 25, 2002 by MAEVE QUIGLEY

excerpts only

DEF Leppard star Joe Elliot can't walk down the street in LA or New York without getting mobbed. But here in his local - The Mountain View at Stepaside on the outskirts of Dublin - no-one pays a blind bit of attention when the rocker wanders in wearing jogging bottoms and a Mick Ronson t-shirt. He's greeted at the bar by the folk enjoying a spot of lunch and then they get back to reading the papers and enjoying their pints. It's hardly the kind of behaviour you would expect from someone who has sold over 50 million albums worldwide, but, as Joe, 43, explains, that's one of the reasons why Stepaside has been his home since 1989.

He said: "I'm a very down to earth kind of guy - I have very few friends in the music business. Brian May is a good friend of mine, as is Jon Bon Jovi. And Ricky Warwick lives here too. But most of my mates are plumbers, electricians, whatever. I play five-a-side down at St Andrews with a whole lot of guys who are just ordinary blokes and that's what they see me as."

"Look at it in here - no one gives two s**ts what we're talking about. I couldn't do this in New York and LA. Phil lives out there and he loves it. I have to say the weather is better - but three weeks does me fine."

The latest Def Leppard studio album X, so called because it is the tenth one they have done, was mostly recorded at Joe's house in Dublin and so the Leppard lads are familiar faces on the Dublin scene. Joe said: "Sav used to live here - he moved back to Sheffield a while ago due to family commitments - but they still all come over and stay with me. You'll always see the veggies down at Cornucopia and the ones who drink in Lillies, Renards, Spy or the Temple Bar."

"Having a home studio is like a boys' club - everyone stays with me when we're recording. The fridge is always there, the pool table is always there, the telly is on and everyone can walk the 15 yards to their bedroom, crash out, get up the next morning, have a bit of breakfast and then get to work."

Joe loves the fact that a big night out in Dublin is only minutes away and yet he still lives in the country.

500,000 house bill rocks Joe.

Sunday Mirror - August 31, 1997

A pop star is facing a pounds 500,000 bill to restore his Dublin mansion. Def Leppard front man Joe Elliott, 38, got the pounds 900,000 house in his divorce settlement after he broke up with Irish model Karla Rhamdanie last June. It has a basement recording studio, five bedrooms and an indoor pool. In the vast grounds are a fountain, tennis court, a red British phone box and a mini golf course. But his friends say: "The house has been run down. I'd say he needs to spend half a million on it, but he's lucky to live there."

JOE ELLIOT: I'm Eamon to be the best singer in Ireland.. DEF LEPPARD STAR BEATEN BY DUNPHY.

Sunday Mirror, May 24, 2009

excerpt only

And while the rest of Def Leppard moved back to England after their year in the Emerald Isle, Joe says Ireland is now his real home. He said: "I no longer hate Sheffield like I used to, but Dublin is home to me now. I've lived longer in Ireland that I have in England, which is quite amazing."

"I hated living in London. In my two years there I only knew about four people - but when I came to Dublin I met all these musicians and we became great friends. All the people we met here offered to help us out any way they could. They were great. They really made us feel at home." Joe said: "There's even a busker who regularly plays an electric guitar on Grafton Street. Whenever he sees me he goes into this Def Leppard riff. It's quite funny, but gratifying, as well."

Joe, who was married to Irish model Karla Rhamdanie for eight years, has a house in Stepaside where Def Leppard recorded their most recent albums. He said: "I've a great studio in the basement and the guys all come over here and stay. It's a bit like a boy's club for a few weeks, but my wife, Kristine, doesn't mind. It's not like everybody doesn't know each other. We usually work from eleven in the morning to ten at night. The house is very well equipped with a swimming pool and a gym and all sorts of things and it also has some spectacular views."

Star trekking around the isle; The world's top showbusiness celebrities who live in Ireland.

Sunday Mirror - January 10, 1999

Millionaire Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott has lived here for more than 10 years. He shares his Dun Laoghaire apartment with live-in lover, American Bobby Tolsma. Joe is currently hard at work on his new album. A keen golfer, he has recently aquired a third property in Co Kerry, close to his favourite Waterville golf club.