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Stacy Lauren Allen

~Married to Rick for 9 years~

Birthname: Stacy Lauren Gilbert

Birthdate:March 18, 1961

Parents: Ronald Gilbert

Siblings: One brother, Jonathan.

Children: daughter, Lauren Shane, with Rick

Marital Status: Divorced Rick Allen

Currently Resides: Calabasas, California

How She Met Rick:

We can't find the article, but if memory serves, the two met backstage while Leppard were opening for Ted Nugent back in Chicago on June 15, 1980. Stacy knew the show promoter.

Stacy is from the Chicago, Illinois area. She graduated from Roycemore High School in 1979. She attended College of Boca Raton and graduated in 1981.

Although Stacy and Rick met in 1980, it wasn't until 1989 when Rick reached out to her after seeing her in Metal Edge, with Marc Ferrari, that they became serious. They married September 29, 1991 in Las Vegas.

Stacy and Rick suffered a miscarriage, before welcoming their daughter in 1997. They also endured a highly publicized domestic violence incident, that took place at the airport in 1995. You can read some of the reports HERE.

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