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Rick's Homes' Articles

Def Leppard’s Rick Allen pays $1.66M for a 2,166-square-foot house in Calabasas, CA

bergproperties.com, February 7, 2008

Rick Allen, the drummer for the band Def Leppard, and his wife, Lauren Monroe, have paid $1,660,000 for a single-family house in Calabasas, Calif.

In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the purchase of the house in Calabasas by Allen, 44. Records show that Allen, who famously and tragically lost his left arm in an accident in late 1984 but nonetheless recovered to continue a successful career as a drummer, and Monroe purchased the house on December 10, with the sale being recorded on January 25.

Built in 1982, Allen’s new house has three bedrooms and three baths and sits on a 0.46-acre lot, according to public records.

Allen is a longtime denizen of the Malibu/Calabasas area, records show. He and his previous wife, Stacy, had owned the 4,751-square-foot house at 24962 Lorenzo Court in Calabasas until selling it in 2001 — after their divorce — for $1,412,500, according to public records. The couple had purchased the house in 1998 for $1,007,500, according to public records. Allen also owns a 1,470-square-foot house at **** ***** ***** in Malibu, which he purchased in 2001, according to public records.