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Peter Andrew Willis

Lead Guitarist until 1982

Birthplace: Sheffield, UK
Birthdate: February 16th, 1960
Maritial Status: Married to Lindsey

Additional Facts:

* Pete formed Atomic Mass with Rick Savage in 1977.

*Pete is responsible for Joe Elliott (who changed the name to Def Leppard) joining the group.

*Pete is responsible for Steve Clark joining Def Leppard.

*Pete's drinking had been an issue for quite some time, but the final straw was during the recording of Stagefright. He was so drunk that he couldn't manage to play. Mutt Lange sent him home.

*July 10, 1982, Joe Elliott called Pete and told him that he was out of last chances and his services were no longer needed. Pete came the next day to confront the rest of the band in person, but the decision stood.

*Shortly after being fired, Pete formed a new band of Sheffield locals, but Phonogram was not impressed. They broke up shortly after.

*In 1985, Pete joined Gogmagog, featuring ex-Iron Maiden and Gary Moore members. The band released an album and a single, but it didn't achieve success and they immediately disintegrated.

*It is rumored that after Gogmagog, Willis then founded Nightrun.

*In 1987, Pete would become involved with another project by the name of Roadhouse. They released an album in 1991.

*Obviously Pete's musical endeavors since Lep have not been big hits.

*Pete is not currently working in the music business, but rumors always exist that a new project is in the works.