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Malvin Robert Mortimer

Tour Manager

Birthplace: Llwynypia, South Wales
Birthdate: May 3rd, 1952
Parents: Herbert and Jeanette Mortimer
Siblings: Older brother, Gareth, older sister, Mair, and younger sister, Gwyneira
Maritial Status: Seperated
Children: Lesley Mortimer Wallace (b. July 1983) and Susie Mortimer Wallace (22 yrs old in 2009)
Residence: Dublin, Ireland
Height: 5'2''
Eye Color: Brown
Tattoos: None

Favorite Food: Spicy foods, Indian and Thai
Favorite Color: The hues of the sunset (many of course), the color of money :-)
Interests: Painting on computer, golf, spending time with daughters, sports

Previous Jobs:

*Worked at Chubb Fire, a fire extinguisher factory, making the extinguishers (quit to be a roadie in 72)

*Malvin became a roadie in 1972 for his brother's band, Racing Cars.

*In 1979, he worked with Gary Numan.

*Malvin was a guitar tech with The Pretenders from 1980-82.

*Joined Lep in September of 82 as Steve's guitar tech. He hadn't previously heard of the band.

Additional Facts:

* According to Malvin, regarding his oldest, "My daughter's first steps, a trip of around five feet, which she made between pillars formed by Clark and Collen. They both spent a few minutes on their knees encouraging her to let go and take the walking plunge during out time in Holland recording Hysteria."

*Malvin sang lead on Release Me (B-side of Armageddon It single- 1987).

*Malvin became DL's tour manager in 1992.

*Malvin's job with DL is considered to also include cook, caretaker, babysitter, backing vocalist and many, many other things!