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Maggie Eckert

~Saw Phil on and off for many years~

Birthname: Margaret Eckert

Birthdate: January 4, 1972

Children: none

Marital Status: never married

Currently Resides: Canada

How She Met Phil:

Maggie attended a Def Leppard show in 1992, and Phil noticed her in the audience. Our understanding is that similar to Anita, he was blowing kisses throughout the show, and a crew member delivered a backstage pass.

Brief History:

Maggie is Canadian. She's adopted, but is aware that her mother is from Haida Gwaii. Her father's ethnicity is unknown.

Maggie never married or had children. "Team Phil" says they saw each other for 13 years; "Team Maggie" is claiming it was 17 years. We really don't know how any insider can prove it, so we leave it at that.

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