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Lupe ???

~Saw Phil during Pyromania~

Lupe was a random discovery that we don't know much about. Lupe dated Phil back during the Pyromania time frame. All we have is the following excerpt.

From defleppardtribute.com (July 2004):

"Dino wakes up from a quick nap and rings from the coach Stewardess. Robin rings it again when she doesn’t answer the call. The first-class stewardess comes to Dino’s rescue, where he orders his dinner and beverage of choice. She brings it back within minutes and asks Robin, so what’s the deal… why does he have on (pointing to Bob) a PYROMANIA T-Shirt and why does he have (pointing to Aaron) a Hysteria CD, are they in a band or something? So, I say yes, and then the guys take over. Miss Stewardess tell us to hold on, she’ll be right back and comes back with photos of her in her younger days with members of Def Leppard including the late Steve Clark and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, having been the one-time girlfriend of Phil Collen (back in the day). After introductions are made all around, story sharing ensued between the boys in the bands and her of her “glory days”. Information is exchanged and at the end of flight, she lets her hair down and photos are taken with both PUMP and PYROMANIA. I think we’ll be seeing Lupe again, real soon."

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