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The Women

Our Mission

From its conception, the purpose of the Lep Women page (aside from fans wanting to know all the details) was to acknowledge the women that have been in meaningful relationships with the band because we believe that without their support, love and understanding, during the time that they were involved, their lives would not be as successful and certainly not as fulfilled.

As our little idea grew into a wildly popular success, the fans' requests have forced our mission to change in a way that encompasses the entire spectrum of "relationship". Demand has led us to highlight individuals that we, personally, wouldn't consider as someone who qualifies as one of our "original Lep Women". The fans determined that our new mission should be to simply expose every woman that had any encounter with a member of Def Leppard, regardless of their impact level.

Ultimately, our desire is to help humanize these women. Just as the band are not gods, these ladies are not devils. Jealousy and misconceptions have wrongfully villanized some of these girls. We hope to highlight their talents, their beauty, their strength. We want to help bring understanding and eliminate the cattiness, the unfair judgments and the aggression that has surfaced at times.

Our forum is a great place to find current and, occasionally, exclusive information on the girls. You will find things there that you will not find in their profile. Itís also a great opportunity for conversations that can provide clarification and understanding that you may not currently have. You also never know who is stopping by to weigh inÖfeel free to join us!

Lep Women

"Because of the lifestyle we lead. When you're dragging somebody city to city and country to country as your 'plus one', it is disheartening
for your partner. So I absolutely would not want to be my girlfriend! Because it's a hard job being supportive of me and my career." ~ Joe Elliott

Pictures of the women can be found here.

* denotes a current or ex-wife

Rick Allen

Jade Dixon | Her pictures

Miriam Barendsen | Her pictures

Stacy Allen* | Her pictures

Lauren Monroe* | Her pictures | The Wedding

Vivian Campbell

Julie Campbell* | Her pictures

Caitlin Phaneuf | Her pictures

Steve Clark

Barbara Salisbury | No pictures

Lorelei Shellist | Her pictures

Janie Dean | Her pictures

Phil Collen

Sharon van Wyk | Her pictures

Elizabeth Shorts | Her pictures

Lupe ??? | Her pictures

Valerie Tornambe | Her pictures

Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly* | Her pictures

Anita Thomas-Collen* | Her pictures

Maggie Eckert | Her pictures

Michele Fawcett | Her pictures

Kamilah Cornelius | Her pictures

Shawyana Ruffolo | Her pictures

Kim Ince | Her pictures

Helen Simmons-Collen* | Her pictures | The Wedding

Joe Elliott

Denise McGeoch | Her pictures

Karla Elliott* | Her pictures

Bobbie Tolsma | Her pictures

Kristine Elliott* | Her pictures

Rick Savage

Joy Major | Her pictures

Cindy ??? | Her pictures

Juliana Roberts | Her pictures

Dara Corcoran* | Her pictures

Paige Savage* | Her pictures

Unconfirmed women and unquestionable groupies are discussed in the forum only.