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Lauren Anne Allen

~Currently married to Rick~

Birthname: Lauren Anne Cuggino

Birthdate: September 17, 1966

Parents: James C. and Carol A. Cuggino

Siblings: Sister, Valerie Joy Cuggino

Children: Daughter, Josefine, and Step-daughter, Lauren Shane

Marital Status: Married Rick Allen (10-10-03)

Currently Resides: California

Previous Jobs: Singing, Practitioner of energy healing and massage

Current Jobs: Raven Drum Foundation with Rick and Singer/Songwriter

How She Met Rick:

According to Rick, "I met her in Boulder, through a mutual friend of ours. She was working for the Boulder College of Massage at the time. She worked on me and then, really, she was my spiritual counselor. We'd stay on the phone and just talk about things. I'd talk about some of the experiences that I went through when I lost my arm, some of the inexplicable experiences that she helped give me a language for. It just really helped, and a couple of years ago, we started talking about how we could give back to the community. She had a lot of ideas of her own and, between the two of us, the most natural way to go was through music. And that just grew into other things. She's been a tremendous help in many ways, personally, professionally, everything."

Brief History:

MDL must first declare that we cannot guarantee that ALL of the following information is completely accurate. We also do not know an extreme amount of information on Lauren as she isn't in the spotlight as much as others, i.e., Phil's ex, Jacqueline. However, we are confident that the information is for the most part concrete and are thrilled that we have unraveled things that have never been previously "exposed". Enjoy!

Lauren is from the Adirondacks of upstate NY. The last name, Monroe, is her mother's maiden name.

Lauren has been a practitioner of energy healing and massage since 1992. She obtained her Master's degree at Suny College at Brockport. Her thesis, Risk and Growth: Choreographic Explorations of Psychological Archetypes can be located at Drake Memorial Library (Anyone gets a copy, please email us.). With an M.A. in Dance Choreography, a B.A. in Education and Advanced Certification in Massage Therapy, her background also includes specialized work with the terminally ill. She is founder of the Energy Medicine Certification Program at the Boulder College of Massage therapy (Boulder, CO).

After Lauren made the move to Colorado, she became involved in a band called Coy Kindred. There's not much information available about the band, but we have found some reviews. You can read one here. Another review suggests that there has been a cd released (If anyone obtains a copy, please email us.)

Soon after, perhaps during, this time, Lauren meets Rick as described above. Although we will state that we have heard a contradictory story that they met in Ionia, MI. During their romance, the two created The Raven Drum Foundation. Lauren creates the vision for the Foundation's core program curriculum reflecting lifelong research into shamanism, thanatology, healing and the expressive arts. Lauren says, "I'm personally the most proud of the Arts Collective. We have put together a collective of people that come from so many different backgrounds - spiritually, religiously, artistically - as well as closing the boundaries of science and spirituality. We have doctors that are interested in meeting with tribal people and bringing patients with cancer and HIV into situations of ceremony of healing. I am most proud of the collective that we are gathering and the work that we are doing through the arts to help people."

In 1999, Lauren lent her voice to Chakra Chants Vol.1, the double Visionary Award Winner for "Album of the Year" & "Best Healing-Meditation Album". However, her main focus is Raven Drum. In October 2002, Rick proposed to Lauren during an outing in the Santa Monica Mountains. A year later, including six months of planning, the two married at Firestone Vineyards in Los Olivos, California. The details were shared at InsideWeddings.com for some time, but are there no longer.

In 2008, Lauren released her debut album, The Freedom Sessions; she is an independent artist. You may recognize her producer: Rick Allen! Considering her history with music, this doesn't come as a surprise. Read her Press Release here.

Official Links:

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