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Karla Elliott

~Married to Joe for approximately 5 years~

Birthname: Karla ??? Rhamdanie

Birthdate: 06/22/1964

Children: One daughter, Emily Jade (b. 1998) (Father, Dave Walsh)

Currently Resides: in the Dublin (Ireland) area

Previous Job: Model

Current Job: Personal Image Consultant

How She Met Joe:

They were practically next-door neighbors on Mount Merrion Ave. in Blackrock, and a mutual friend set them up on a date in 1984.

Karla was born in Dublin to an Irish mother and an Indian father, a doctor who studied in the College of Surgeons; they moved to Trinidad when Karla was two. Her parents split when she was 12, and Karla and her mother moved back to Dublin and lived in the family home in Walkinstown. She was, she says, "bullied a lot" at school because she was "different to the other girls".

This difference had its benefits. At 16, Karla was walking down Grafton Street with her mother when a photographer approached her and asked if she could do a test shoot with her. Later that week, she was doing a swimwear shoot for Switzers (now Brown Thomas) and her path to becoming one of Ireland's most famous models had begun. She did Pretty Polly ads, magazine covers shot by Tony Higgins and was generally the toast of le tout Pink Elephant along with the other It Girls of the mid-Eighties such as Laura Bermingham. "I enjoyed that time," she says. "It was great fun."

Karla did acting with Gaiety School of Acting (Patrick Sutton) and went on to a three year exclusive contract with William Morris (London). She was a top fashion model with agencies in Ireland, Paris and Germany. When she became romantically involved with Joe, she put her career on hold so that she could be with him during his grueling touring schedule. Karla is credited with creating Joe's shredded pants, and, from what we hear, his spray-painted shirts.

It is common knowledge that Karla gave Joe an ultimatum to either say goodbye to his current girlfriend, Denise, or her. Joe chose to be with Karla, and the two wed in Sheffield on October 4, 1989. "I was madly in love with him," she says, "He was the love of my life. I remember coming out of the registry office in Sheffield and looking at the wall with all the graffiti on it and going: 'This is romantic!' (Laughs)"

Joe and Karla quickly became rock's foremost couple; we've heard them remembered fondly as "the heavy metal Posh 'n' Becks".

Things would eventually get rocky, and both Joe and Karla would recount different stories later; however, both admit that her desire to have children once they were married became a major issue. What resulted was an affair between Joe and the Adrenalize tour stewardess, Bobbie Tolsma. Joe and Karla seperated in 1994, and their divorce was final in June of 1996.

Karla was clearly devastated by her failed marriage. It seems that she has never been the same in the Love Department. She has had a string of engagements and failed relationships since Joe (Dave Walsh, Declan Burke, Conrad Gallagher, David Doane, etc.).

In November 2007, Karla bought a health, beauty and detox center called Sanas. Sanas had previously been owned by Betty Cosgrave. By the Spring of 2008, Sanas closed, and Karla was left in financial ruins.

Karla went from the Dublin socialite scene to being forced to sell all of her belongings to make endes meet.

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