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Juliana Roberts

Juliana dated Sav during the Hysteria tour.

Juliana and Sav met on the Hysteria tour. She was the stylist/make-up artist and hit it off with Sav. The two dated for some time and we are unsure when it officially ended. However, it has been implied that it ended when Sav left L.A. to start work on Adrenalize.

From RIP magazine, October 1989, By Lonn Friend

"I'm going to miss him so much," Rick Savage's flame-haired girlfriend Julianna, her words falling on the ears of a small group of mates gathered for this final fairwell dinner at a quaint Hollywood Mexican restaurant. Tomorrow morning, Sav (as he is known to his friends) heads overseas to begin work on Def Leppard's follow-up to the phenomenally successful Hysteria LP (world sales now approaching 13 million units). For the past couple of months, Sav has been taking it real easy, enjoying his Beverly Hills penthouse apartment, messing around with new songs on a four-track recorder in the evenings and making a trip here and there to catch a gig. (He recently showed up in Phoenix, Arizona, to sit in with Tesla on the band's cover of 'Rock of Ages.')

On this particular day, Sav really has a treat, he played golf at the posh Bel Aire country club with the editor of RIP. And beat him! (Not really, but if we're ever to get another Def Leppard feature, the myth must be perpetuated.) In short, since the band's 15-month world tour ended last winter, Sav and the gang have been treating themselves to a much-needed rest.