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Betty Jane (Janie) Dean

~Engaged to Steve at the time of his death~

Birthname: Betty Jane Dean

Birthdate: February 2, 1951

Janie died 2/24/06 at the age of 55.

See her obituary.

Children: none

Marital Status:Divorced twice; Richard Martin Brannan, Jr. (married March 31, 1973 in Palm Beach Co. FL and divorced Sep 10, 1976 in Palm Beach Co. FL) and Roland Harold Clark (married Oct 19, 2002 in Palm Beach, FL and divorced Dec 4, 2003 in Bucks Co., PA). According to Janie, she and Steve became engaged in April 1990 and intended on marrying in the Spring of 1991.

Parents: Roger H. Dean (d. 1999)and Betty J. (Dean) Beeson(d. 2005); divorced

Siblings: Two sisters, Susan (older)and Patricia (younger)

Resided in Florida at the time of her death.

Brief History:

Janie was born in Charleston, West Virginia. Her family later moved to Palm Beach, Florida. After graduating high school, Janie attended George Peabody Teachers' College in Nashville, Tenessee. She majored in music. It has been hypothesized that she was a pianist. She also attended Palm Beach Atlantic College for some time.

In the 1980s, Janie followed her father's footsteps and became the operator of Janie Dean Chevrolet of Vero Beach, Florida. (Janie Dean Chevrolet 1000 Us Highway 1 Vero Beach, FL)

According to Janie, she met Steve after a show (Claims say either Arizona or Florida) during the Hysteria tour. Janie said that the two were together for 16 months at the time of Steve's death. Unfortunately, this time frame doesn't add up, as the tour ended in 1988. It would have had to have ended in 1989 for Janie's story to work.

Lorelei, Steve's ex-fiance, has said that the two met in a treatment center. It is well known that Janie had her own addiction struggles.

Janie was the one who found Steve dead in his living room. She describes the scene in a graphic matter for a tabloid magazine. Steve's parents did engage in a bit of a battle with Janie after Steve's passing. Malvin Mortimer has said that a couple of Janie's friends had took a few of Steve's guitars and "were trying to sell them to a guitar shop, two days after he died."

Phil Collen has referred to Janie as a "Psycho B*tch". Regardless of Janie's downfalls or struggles, the one thing that should not be doubted is her love for Steve. Rather their relationship is judged as healthy or not, the two were living together, had met each other's parents, and were planning on getting married. Janie, as the rest of us, was devastated by Steve's loss.

Janie died, fifteen years after Steve, at 3 pm on Friday, 2/24/06, at Hospice of Palm Beach County.

Read the tabloid articles here.

~Warning, some parts may be upsetting~

*Note: Janie was not 36 at the time of Steve's death.

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