Miriam Barendsen - "You are doing a great job!! Respect for your effort!!"

Lorelei Shellist - "I love your DL site- beautiful!"

Anita Thomas-Collen - "You have done an amazing job with your web page..."

Sharon Van Wyk - "I appreciate what you are trying to do and support it wholeheartedly."

Paige Savage - "great site keep it up xxx"

Some MDL Numbers

We're displaying over 450 pictures of Def Leppard wives and girlfriends.

We've been visited by fans in over 80 countries.

We have over 800 members in our forum.

Our History

On August 4, 2003, a new hobby was born for Anastacia Savage (real name - Malibu) . Her boredom mixed with her love of Lep led to the birth of Forever Immortal Def Leppard Group. A couple of clicks and she had her very own group on MSN.

Two days later, Malibu realized that this hobby was a bit more complicated than she originally expected and required a lot of work (LOL). That's when the best friend and fellow Lep fan, Lepnotized (real name - Jessica) started hearing about this new creation. August 8, a partnership was born for Malibu and Jessica.

Within a couple of months, we formed the idea of highlighting the Lep Women. Before the end of our first year, we had a page for profiles and a photo album developed. Little did we know that this would become our successful niche in the Lep world online. By the end of our first year, we had 115 members.

Over the years, we continued to develop and grow in information and members. We quickly became the most informational DL group around ( not counting groups dedicated to one particular band member). By the end of our run, 5 1/2 years later, we had over 600 members representing at least 8 different countries.

No matter how big we grew, one thing stayed the same, our community avoided the negativity that seemed to haunt Leppard communities. For our first anniversary, one of our members labeled it perfectly:

"Thanks for all the fun! I must say, with all the Lep groups I have been involved in, this is by far the nicest group of people! I have left 90% of the other groups due to the cattiness and hateful comments, and general one upmanship going on between members. I'm glad to see the people on this website are not taking themselves too seriously." ~ Weasel310

MSN forced us to find another option, and although at first we didn't see the silver lining, we are grateful for the opportunity to expand ourselves. We know that we have the opportunity for greater exposure to Lep fans with a dotcom vs. an MSN group. We're hoping this becomes a successful venture, and we thank all our members of the past and welcome all the new fans who didn't know of us before!


Jessica and Malibu