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Some MDL Numbers

We're displaying over 450 pictures of Def Leppard wives and girlfriends.

We've been visited by fans in over 80 countries.

We have over 800 members in our forum.

mDL Exclusives

Rick and Lauren's daughter, Josie

Middle Name Debut.

We have been slowly debuting info after the surprising arrival of little Josefine. We have confirmed her middle name is Caite.

Remember, when you spread the news to tell everyone that you heard it here first! ;)


Upcoming Activity

Manraze's new single "Over My Dead Body" drops May 31st! The new album 'punkfunkrootsrock' releases worldwide on August 2nd (released on Rocket Science Records)! The album features 12 tracks including one instrumental and a cover of Jimi Hendrix's 'Fire'. The press release will be out May 24th...Prepare for the album's promotion to begin with lots of interviews, including the band on Bob Coburn's 'Rockline' in July, and surprise gigs during the def leppard tour breaks! Watch the MR facebook page and official site for updates.

You can listen to and download "Over My Dead Body" as well as see the band speak about the new album HERE.

Rick and Lauren's daughter

Birthday Debut.

On March 17, it was announced on Resiliency Radio, that Rick and Lauren had a baby girl sometime in December. Many people could not understand her name when it was announced. We were able to confirm that her name is Josie. Now, we are able to announce that she was born December 1, 2010.

When you spread the news, remember to tell everyone that you heard it here first! ;)

Phil's "All About Steve" Interview

Didn't debut here, but we assisted in the exclusive.

mDL helped arrange a Phil interview of questions that Steve fans put together. It's quite a nice presention! Check it out!

For all things Steve, we suggest visiting Steve Clark Guitar.

Phil's Guitar Center Performance

Debuted here before Helen shared on her FB.

Phil took part in a special in-store event called "Sessions" on Friday, December 3, 2010 at Guitar Center in Hollywood, California.

The song is called Quadrant Four. It's a jazz fusion piece from the 1970's by Billy Cobham. Phil on guitars, CJ Vanston (music producer/composer-Spinal Tap)on keyboards, Kyle Fiero on drums and world renowned Leland Sklar who played on the original track on bass.

Helen Simmons-Collen was kind enough to give us exclusive access to the link.

Enjoy the performance!