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Dara Savage

~Married to Sav for 2 years~

Birthname: Dara Corcoran

Siblings: She has at least one brother.

Dara is from Clontarf Ireland.

How She Met Sav:

"I first met her in the summer of 1990."
"At a nightclub in Dublin through a mutal friend. Nothing came out of it. Three weeks later I called her at home and asked her to go for a drink sometime. She didn't believe it was me talking to her. Our first conversation wasn't that great, so she thought someone was having a laugh with her. I said, 'You can call this number and check it out,' and finally she believed me. It went slowly at first."
"We liked each other very much. But I'm not a very romantic person. I said, 'If things are really going well in six months, let's think about getting married,' we were still together seven months later so we said, 'Let's do it."

What attracted you to her?

"It's difficult to pinpoint one thing, just her general personality. For the first time in years and years I met somebody that, if you pinned her against the wall and asker her, she wouldn't give a shit what I did for a living. If anything, she lives with me despite my being in Def Leppard rather than the other way around."

Sav proposed to Dara on December 25, 1992.

They married November 25, 1993 at St. John the Baptist Church in Dara's hometown. Malvin was Sav's best man, and Phil's son, Rory, was ringbearer.

Although they separated in 1995, the divorce wasn't finalized until 2004.


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