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The Curse of Def Leppard

For years there have been many comments suggesting that Lep is surrounded by a curse. By the time Hysteria was released in 1987, reports of the "Curse of Def Leppard" were rampant. Some bought into the idea easily and others disregarded such a notion. This carries on today. After reading the facts, and some opinions, we ask that you draw your own conclusions.

The Major Facts

During work on Hysteria, Mutt Lange wasn't available to produce, so the band settled on Jim Steinman. Recording didn't go well, and the band dismissed Steinman, abandoned all of the recordings, and made plans to regroup after Christmas. However, on New Year's Eve 1984, Rick was involved in a horrible accident in which he lost his left arm.

Joe Elliott caughts the mumps twice.

While working with Lep, Lange was involved in a car wreck which resulted in leg injuries that required three weeks of hospitalization.

Guitarist Steve Clark died during the making of Adrenalize.

The Minor Facts

Big supporters of the curse also consider the following as evidence.

Having to fire the first lead guitarist, Pete Willis, early on due to alcoholism

In 1993, Sav suffered an attack of Bell's Palsy.

All of the band members have gone through divorces, three of them while they were making Slang.

Rick's alcoholism leading to a climax of being arrested and pleading guilty for spousal battery after choking and slamming then-wife Stacy's head into a wall.

Joe and then-girlfriend, Bobbie, were arrested at a West Hollywood hotel for spousal assault. Both clarified it was a misunderstanding and was simply an argument.

The Band's Response

"Is there a curse? Jon Bon Jovi is convinced of it. He won't travel in a car with me!" ~ Joe

People started talking about the curse of Def Leppard, but Joe is philosophical:

"There's been way more good things happen than bad things happen, but when bad things happen they're just astonishingly massive bad things," he said. He added: "Death happens, limbs flying off doesn't."

It's a bit silly if people think that there's a, you know, curse of Def Leppard or something like that and expect thunder and lightening to go off as I say those words. ~ Joe

Rick has said:

"Any kind of tragedies, anything negative that's happened to this band had never been while the band had been active, or band-related. My accident happened while I was home in Sheffield and Steve, he was home also. Nothing's gone wrong when we've actually been together as a band. So it's kind of unfair to say tragedies follow us around."