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Barbara Salisbury

Barbara had an on-again-off-again relationship with Steve.

Geoff Barton, Sounds, 03/01/80 :

February this year finds me struggling with my second Leppard story: I travel up with Phonogram press person Barbara Salisbury and 'official' photographer Robert Ellis and we check into the Hallam Towers, best hotel in the whole of the Steel City.

John Gill, Guardian News & Media, 11/28/2007 :

Barbara Salisbury, who has died at an undisclosed age (though probably 57 or 58) following a stroke at her home in Lowestoft, worked in the 1970s in a music industry that today seems not just years but planets away. She was publicist for the disco group Village People in their heyday, accompanying them on world tours, and for the early hard rock band Def Leppard. Their guitarist, Steve Clark, was her on-off lover for many years; indeed, until quite shortly before her own death, this unconventional but brave woman still found herself the subject of the not unwelcomed attentions of handsome young men. In her lifetime, Barbara's age remained undisclosed even to me, one of her oldest friends - a conspiracy in which I was happy to collude. Even when we were sharing rooms while tramping through the Greek islands - she is recorded for posterity in my book, The Stars Over Paxos, and helped me research a Rough Guide to the Ionian archipelago - her passport and age remained firmly in her handbag. Brought up in a military family, this rock'n'roll animal still had a decidedly old world propriety about her, despite the scandalous things we got up to. She was born in Taunton, Somerset, and spent much of her childhood in Kenya, where her father, an RAF officer, was posted. She returned to Britain to complete her education, studying fine arts at Liverpool University, where she fell in with Roger McGough and the other Liverpool Beats. Art took her into the design department of CBS Records, but she soon moved into publicity at CBS, Phonogram and elsewhere. She was too independent to marry, and certainly too independent to have kids. It might be said that in her stubbornness Barbara was, at times, her own worst enemy, but I will remember her as a survivor. She had survived a devastating fire in her London flat, a mysterious immune collapse that saw her hospitalized for weeks, and the drink-and-drug-related death of her lover. She was stoic in the face of unemployment, illness and the sometimes brutal disregard that society has for single women of a certain age. Somewhere, she is still skinny dipping off the beach on Paxos.