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Band Quotes

Fan: If you weren't rock stars, what would you choose in life to make a living?

Sav: Well first of all, we don't really consider ourselves rock stars anyway. I don't really know what that term means...

Interviewer: Okay, if you weren't rock musicians?

Sav: Probably out of work!

Interviewer: What do you think Phil?

Sav: Well, Phil used to be an electrician but there was one drawback... he's color-blind!

Phil: So ehm, yeah, that wasn't good!

Interviewer: And what about you Joe?

Joe: I would be a sad 80's rock star if I wasn't a rock star. I would be working in a factory in Sheffield if I wasn't doing what I'm doing, with 2.3 kids and a mortgage and going bald, grey and fat and drinking too much beer.

Interviewer: How about you Rick?

Rick: I actually came straight out of school...

Joe: You could be a good shoe salesman!

Rick: I think so, I think I could do that!

Joe: Yeah, you could do that. What size do you take, Madam?

Rick: Yeah! I could do that!... So ehm, I guess... I joined these lads on my fifteenth birthday, and I've been playing drums from the age of about maybe nine or ten. That was really all I was gonna do anyway. You know, if I wasn't a successful drummer, then I'd be a really...

Rick and Joe together: Unsuccessful drummer!

Interviewer: And you Vivian?

Viv: Oh I don't know, I suppose I could be a successful housewife and mother.

Joe: Or an Elvis impersonator!

Viv - singing like Elvis: "Love me tender... "

Interviewer: Oh, you sing well!

Joe: Pretty good!

Viv - talking like Elvis: "Thank you very much, baby!"

Fan: What's the best advice you could give to a young guitar player who wants to write songs?

Phil: Actually Rick's got this summed up, I know he's not a guitarist but...

Rick: Keep your brow dry and your underwear moist!

Interviewer: Is there actually a good advice you could give to a young guitar player?

Joe: Well, that wasn't good enough?

Rick: That was actually advice for a young drummer.

"Touring makes it all worthwhile," Collen claims. "We're not a Limo band. We make a point of going in a van because we all get on so well."

"It's not quite male bonding," added Elliott "but it's not The Who either, where Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry kick the shit out of each other."

Steve: "Oh, let's get one point clear right now. I'm not married. Everyone in America thinks I'm f*cking married."

Phil: "You are..."

Steve: "Listen, you wanker, shut up. I'm not married. I never have been married. Thank you."