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Anita June Thomas-Collen

~Married to Phil for a decade~

Birthname: Anita June Mingo

Birthdate: November 30, 1974

Parents: Tyrone Thomas and Doris Gissendanner, Step-Mother, Kelly (Ridge) Thomas, and Step-Father, Jerome Gissendanner

Siblings: Older sister, Brenda, younger sister, Teresa, and step-brother, Jack

Children: none

Marital Status: Divorced from Phil Collen(12-15-1999 to 7-7-10)

Currently Resides: mainly in West Hollywood, CA

How She Met Phil:

Anita attended a Def Leppard show when she was seventeen with a friend. Anita recalls, "He blew me a kiss from the stage, a DL tech gave me passes and we maintained casual contact. However did not date until I was 19 (contrary to belief) and for the life of us, we don't know how we regained contact, he likely called me. Shortly after we were off in marital bliss (or whatever it is people believe in) haha"

Brief History:

Anita is originally from Michigan. She's of Irish, American Indian (Iroquois tribe) and Black descent. Regardless of her tough childhood, she excelled in school.

In October of 2001, it was incorrectly reported that Anita was working with Brian Canham, lead singer of the Australian band Pseudo Echo. However, Anita did join a band originally named Chocolate Starfish. When she joined Darren Danielson and Zoran Romavich, the three-piece began calling themselves "Sugarlips". Record companies seemed particularly interested in two songs but due to Anita's lack of willingness to convert over to a pop style, the band broke up.

Anita's Resume:

Television and Filmography:

Fat Girls


Dir. Karl Kimbrough/Independent

Jamie Kennedy Experiment

Guest Star

WB Network


Principal/2 Episodes

Dir. Grant Johnson / NBC

West Ghent


Dir. Tony Mcnamara / Spec Pilot

Reality School


Dir. John Sparano / Independent

One Special Moment


BET Original Movie

100 Girls

Teacher's Pet

Dir. Michael Davis / Independent


Guest Star

Dir. Rex Piano / Syndicated

Silk Stalkings

Guest Star

Dir. John Paragon / USA



Nikki and Bobby


The Coast Playhouse / L.A.

Angel On My Shoulder

Lead / Sylvie

The Coast Playhouse / L.A.



Loyola Marymount University

Our Town

Mrs. Gibbs

Viking Theatre

Take Me Out To The Ballgame


White Fire Theatre

Tribute to Rogers & Hammerstein

Various Musicals

Historic Restoration Theatre



Singing [Pop Rock, R & B, Gospel], Piano, Aerobics, Pilates, Basketball, Cycling, Gardening, Hiking, Karate, Kickboxing, Ice Skating, Painting, Softball, Swimming, Weight Training, Western Horseback.

Dialects: U.S. Southern, Spanish, British

Added specifics:

"100 Girls" is considered to be her first feature.

"Fat Girls" lists Anita and Phil as Executive Producers.

Anita has appeared in approximately 50 commercials.

"Night Man" - played "Danita" in episode: "Takin' It to the Streets" (episode # 1.8) 10 November 1997
Silk Stalkings - (episode # 121) 22 December 1996
The Jamie Kennedy Experiment - Anita - Episode 301 (2003)

--Jamie takes on the role of "Shane Martin," a British director on the set of Anthony Anderson's TV series. The mark has to audition for a makeout scene with Anita, the actress who plays Anthony's sister. Problem is, she's not just playing--at least in the world of JKX, she really is Anthony's sister! How will Anthony react when the scene gets a little too hot and heavy? Well.......with the first mark, he reacts by demonstrating the makeout scene.....with his sister. With the second mark, he reacts by demonstrating the makeout scene......with Shane.

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Review for Angel On My Shoulder.